Listeners Wanted

by Maya Rogers

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At the tender age of 18, I set out on a mission to teach myself to write down the music that I was hearing. With the help of some very special, young musicians that donated their time, a bit of sheer will, and determination, this collection became instrumental in my acceptance to Berklee College of Music.

circa 1999:

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Maya Renee Rogers. I have just one request before you read any further. My request is simply that you listen. Listen to my story, to my music, and to my goals. This is the surest way to understand me.

I have been able to hear original music for about three years, but I have only been able to write it for one year. Learning to write down what comes from inside of me was without a doubt the biggest breakthrough in my life to date. I have only scratched the surface as far as learning how to write music, and learning how to hear my thoughts. Ever since I began to hear music it has been my goal to study music composition, but until now I haven't had anything to show for myself. During my first year of college I had the opportunity to take several composition classes for non-music majors. I am taking a year off of school to prepare this portfolio, the recordings included, and to apply to music schools. If I have come this far in one year, I am confident that I can succeed in any composition program, the more rigorous the better.

Some of my long-term goals are to become a film scorer, to study music in several Latin countries, to study audio recording, to be a singer/songwriter, and to open a music school for kids who have big dreams and ideas, but don't know how to attain them.

Without further delay, I present to you a years worth of work. Thank you for listening!"


released April 25, 1999

All music written by Maya Rogers
Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Tim King

Jose Cruz: Clarinet
Donovan Edwards: Voice
Courtney Rae Rawls: Spoken Word
Maya Rogers: Flute, Voice, Guitar & Percussion
Eli Shannon: String Bass
Aaron Sinett: Cello
Benjamin Zork: Drums
Nicholas Zork: Guitar




Ayam Chicago, Illinois

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